MetaCoat: Our company

Frank Simons founded MetaCoat in 2001, building on the activities and experience of his father who had been active in the surface treatment industry for over 30 years. Following the right investments and the professionalism of his employees, MetaCoat became an important player in the powder coating market in and around Flanders. MetaCoat has added cutting and bending to its services, hoping to serve you even better!

Company presentation



MetaCoat wants to expand its position in the market in a socially responsible way. This is why we constantly train our team so that our employees think and grow along with our business. Apart from our know-how, we also continuously invest in the most sustainable and innovative processes and installations. 


MetaCoat offers its clients a complete and tailored service. We take care of project planning, preparation, coating, quality control and transportation. Specific requirements for treatment, packaging or shipment of your pieces? No problem. We configure our machines and service to fit your needs. 


MetaCoat has its own water purification system and all of our processes take human and environmental aspects into account. Powder coating is a high-quality, organic, strong, durable and sustainable finish. Powder coating protects your materials against corrosion. Thanks to the protective properties of powder coating, your constructions will last much longer and require less maintenance. In addition, our entire chemical preparation is chrome-free. This has been the case for over 10 years!